My top 3 books to help you heal emotional trauma

Have you or someone you know been through any of the following emotional trauma’s recently?

You’ve just been in a car accident.

You just lost a loved one.

You just got dumped by your girlfriend or boyfriend.

It’s tough.  I know.  I’ve been through a few of these myself in the past few years.

For the longest time, I was a slave to the myriad of symptoms that my body went through.

I got angry.  I was sad.  I had sleepless nights.

I didn’t understand why my body was going through all of this especially years after the incident had happened.

But, there is hope.

I started to read and study several books about healing emotional trauma, and in this post I’ll give you my top 3 books to help you start to heal your own emotional trauma.

Educating yourself about is issue will help you to understand exactly what’s going on with your body and why it’s happening.

emotional trauma

This will help you so much, especially when challenging thoughts, memories, and body sensations begin to come up as you are going through your healing process.

My top 3 books to help you heal your emotional trauma

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a
matter of opportunity.”

~ Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC)

emotional trauma

If you look on, there are so many books to choose from when you are suffering from emotional trauma.

Here are a few of my favorites!

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1.  Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine – This is an excellent book that will help you understand what happened to your nervous system the moment the trauma took place.  Included are simple exercises you can do to start re-orienting to your body in a slow and gradual way.

2.  The Power of Focusing by Anna Weiser Cornell – When we are going through an emotional trauma, we often will ignore the subtle signs that our body is giving us to being to heal.  This book helps you to have a conversation with your body so that you can being to understand and trust the wisdom that it holds – and in that wisdom can be powerful healing.

3.  8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery by Babbette Rothschild – This book explains 8 keys to help you to start to heal your emotional trauma in a safe and effective way.

What you can do now

Start slow.  Just pick one of these books and start to read it.  Do the exercises in the book and seek professional help along the way if you need it.

What happened to you is very unfortunate.  But you are not a victim.  There are so many tools out there today to help you being to heal.

As a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Emotion Code Practitioner, the bodywork and energy work that I do is safe, clothed and very gentle allowing your nervous system to being to let go of the energy that has been cycling within it for weeks, months, or even years.

If you’re ready to being to heal and my work resonates with you, you can schedule a session right here.



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