How to protect yourself from negativity

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I’m dealing with a negative family member!

This morning, I was giving an Emotion Code session to one of my clients.  She was explaining to me that recently she has been having to deal with a very negative family member.

This family member broke off the relationship to my client, but still is around her children from time to time especially during family functions.

emotion code

She has been feeling a lot of stress this summer because of it and not like herself.

“How do I protect myself from negative people?” she desperately asked near the end of her session.

This audio blog post was my simple answer to her…

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Here is an interesting website that I found about the energetic properties of Fire Agate:

Are you ready to let go of emotions no longer needed?

If you or someone you know is empathic, sensitive, or feels like they take on others emotions, then getting an Emotion Code session can help.

Together, we can identify absorbed trapped emotions that you may be carrying and gently let them go so that you can return to being you!

If you have questions about the Emotion Code you can read the Emotion Code FAQ page, or you can schedule an introductory 30-minute session (called the Emotional Baggage Check).

So, what do you think?

Have you or are you currently experiencing a similar situation?  If so how did you deal with it?  What did you find helpful?


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