Got joint pain?

“I’m doing pretty good Nick, but my left wrist and elbow hurt.”, she said pointing to them ever so gently as to not cause more discomfort.

My heart sank a little after hearing this from a regular client that came in yesterday morning for her bi-monthly Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session.

Joint Pain.  Two words that I wish did not have to go together.


After asking her what she did to cause that, it was apparent that it was due to a little over-exerction at the gym.  It happens.  But, I was happy to hear that she was working out again.

I guess there’s a silver lining in every cloud.

Knowing that Health is always present in the body no matter how dire the circumstances, I was excited to see what we could accomplish together.

Human beings, not human doings

Before my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training it would of been my normal tendency to do something.  Apply some fancy new massage technique to make the pain go away.

Move the arm this way.  Do this stretch.  More pressure here.  Have the client take a deep breath.

Ugh.  Tiring.

Have you ever been in discomfort, and had a friend just sit by your side?  No words were exchanged, but just their presence and caring started to make you feel better?


They were a human being, not a human doing.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg

I decided to be a human being.  Sitting at the end of the table, holding her feet…I waited.

See, often times when people are dealing with joint pain, that’s all they can focus on.  I don’t blame them.

It feels like all of them is in pain and there is no hope.  There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

As I sat there holding all of her in my awareness as one complete person rather then bits and pieces, it hit me.

The lesson: Remember the importance of looking deeper than what is on the surface.


“Oh yeah, Health is here beneath the discomfort of what she’s feeling”, I thought to myself.

Beneath the discomfort, the uneasiness, the joint pain – everything was alright.

There was a stillness and an ease within her waiting to come forth.

Seeking and Settling

As I slowly moved to up hold her left elbow, one hand on either side, there was this characteristic aggressive thump.


This was her body’s way of showing me that her nervous system was agitated because of the joint pain.

As I sat there simply being, tuning into the fluid nature of her body, the thump started to settle.

Holding her joint in this way and feeling the shift, reminded me of the slow, rhythmic beating of a healer’s drum.


Sinking deeper and deeper, and then…stillness and silence.

This was her nervous system starting to come into back into balance.  Her elbow joint was starting to open up and access more space.

We were going beneath the surface of the joint pain and connecting with something else much deeper, rich, and satisfying: the Health that was always there from the beginning.


As the final stages of that process completed I moved to her wrist and waited for the same unfolding.

Looking up at the clock, 60 minutes had passed.

Slowly getting up off the table, with a smile on her face, she said the pain was gone.

Just take baby steps

Does this happen to every client that I give a Biodynammic Craniosacral Therapy session to?


Most often then not, it can take a while for joint pain (or any other type of pain for that matter) to resolve.

It takes patience, focusing on the positive and remembering that healing usually happens by taking small baby steps in the right direction.


As my client left the office that day, I was grateful that I was able to help her.  This work continues to humble and amaze me as I stay committed to helping whomever lays on my table.

Your next step

If you are suffering from joint pain (from an accident, injury, etc.) Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy may be able to help you.  The work is gentle and goes much deeper then just working with your muscles.

if you’re ready, you can go ahead and schedule a session.


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