Physical Pain and Emotional Causes

Physical Pain and Emotional Causes

Are you suffering from daily physical pain?  Guess what?  That pain your feeling may have an emotional connection – making it emotional pain.

Often times when we are in physical pain and we try so many physical ways to deal with it – physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, taking medication…and yet it’s still there.


What I’ve found through doing the Emotion Code with many clients, is that when things are not getting better on a physical level it’s time to look on an emotional level.

This often times has to do with trapped emotions in the body that we never got to release or they never got to be fully processed by the body/mind.

Here’s a chart to explain what I mean by the physical/emotional connection.  Does any of this resonate with your current circumstance?



Are you ready to explore the emotional connection?

If any of this makes sense for you or resonates with you right now, I would encourage you to see how an Emotion Code session can help you to quickly decrease or even eliminate your neck, shoulder, knee or back pain.

When trapped emotions are released from the body, it’s been my experience that pain quickly reduces for clients.


Why?  Because their muscles are no longer holding that specific vibration of anger, frustration, guilt or fear that resonate with the tissues of the body and contribute to inflammation, irritation, or soreness.

Your next gentle step

Schedule a 30 minute Emotion Code introduction session (“Emotional Baggage Check”) to see how I can help you.

Releasing just one trapped emotion can make a huge shift for a new client and in the 30 minutes we are often able to release 5-10 trapped emotions that may be contributing to their acute or chronic pain.

You can schedule your first session here.

So, what do you think?

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