10 things you may not know about me

Opening up to vulnerability

As a massage therapist I was taught to keep boundaries between me and my clients.

I’m the therapist and you’re the client.  It’s okay for you to open up to me and tell me your issues, but it’s not okay the other way around.  I was taught not to really be vulnerable with my clients.

I think it’s okay to share a few fun things with you that you may not know about me.  Maybe you can relate to them or maybe we even have some of the same things in common!

It’s my hope that you’ll find this list interesting, funny, and inspiring.  I’m grateful to open up to you and share with you who I am 🙂

10 things you may not know about me

1. When I was 15, I became a magician.  I loved doing card and close up magic.  I even started a business with my best friend Michael called Infinity Magic: The Magic Never Ends.    We did a few birthday parties, walk around magic for relatives parties, etc.  I learned how to make balloon animals.  It was a great time and my first introduction to entrepreneurship…

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2.  I love watching movies and of course, have a Netflix account.  My favorite movies to watch are comedies and documentaries.  I just recently watch PlantPure Nation – a documentary about eating a plant based diet versus the Standard American diet.

3.  I enjoy listening to comedians on the radio!  Life is to short not to laugh and have a great time.  Some of my favorite comedians are George Carlin, Bill Burr, Mike Birbiglia, and Jeff Foxworthy.

4. When I was little I used to have a pet turtle named Harry.  I remember being so excited when I got him for one of my birthdays.  I’ve since learned that the turtle is one of my totem animals.  It’s part of the reason for the turtle in my logo and also to remind clients to slow down.


5.  I’m really into personal development and love to read.  Some of my favorite authors are Jack Canfield, John Assaraf and Don Miguel Ruiz.  I do my best to be a better person each day and love to learn and grow!

6.  When you look at me, you may notice I have a lazy eye.  Yep, due to birth.  I was 4 weeks premature (almost died more then once) and the doctors thought I was going to be blind.  Thankfully, some surgery was preformed to re-attach the retina of my right eye.  I’m so grateful for modern medicine!

7.  I’ve been vegan (eating no animal products) for the past 14 years…and still going strong!  I find it works for me and don’t try to push it on others.  I’m not a fan of supporting GMO’s, factory farming or animal testing.

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8.  I’ve always been sensitive to energy, even as a little kid.  I remember walking to into my bedroom one day and feeling a presence, like someone else was in there.  I searched around and found one of my brothers hiding in my closet.  At that time he did not know how I knew and neither did I.  It was years later when I finally understood why.

9.  I’m an introvert.  I don’t do well in large crowds.  It can be overwhelming for me and I usually take on other people’s stuff and emotions.  Get me talking one-on-one about something I’m interested in or passionate about and I won’t shut up.  I also enjoy writing.   🙂

10.  I own a djembe and love going to drum circles!  I think music is a powerful thing and can be very healing.  The deep, grounding sound of the drum is so resourcing for me and I love to go and drum my heart out!


So, what do you think?

So, there you have it!  Do we share a few things in common?  Feel free to comment below and share 1 thing that others don’t know about you.


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